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name:  Runflat Safty Device
category:  Tire Safty Device
Specification:  R15-R19
notes:  We have regular ones in sizes 15", 16", 17", 18" and 19". It is simply to be equipped on your wheel. Only if you advise us your tyre specifications. And we will delivery you the appropriate tyre safty device accordingly together with the instruction for installation


It is a protective device and equipped on the alloy wheel. They are in the tubeless tyres.It may guarantee your car keeps driving for more than 2 hours when the tire  become a runflat one during high-speed driving. It may prevent traffic accident for sideslip and direction off tracing caused by tyre blowout. So

Product features :

1. equipped simply. keep your car and tire structure unchanged.

2. strong and light.Maintain existing car balance . Don't affect fuel


corrosion resisting , lifetime, non-repeated installation, lifetime safty.

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