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name:  Caterpillar PM102
ID:  PM102
category:  Planer
Specification:  Caterpillar PM102 with Track Undercarriage
notes:  The new PM102 with a track undercarriage combines enhanced production capabilities, optimized performance and simplified service to complete tough milling applications with productive results.


Full Model
PM201  PM200  PM102

Operating Weight with full water tank :17600.0 kg
Shipping Weight with empty water tank :17100.0 kg

Operating Specifications
Inside Turning Radius :3.45 m
Maximum Travel Speed :4.1 km/h
Operating Speed :27.0 m/min

Engine Model :C7 with ACERT
Gross Power :168.0 kW

Operating Length (conveyor up) :10.7 m
Operating Width :1.98 m
Maximum Operating Height :3.4 m
Minimum Operating Height :2.38 m
Maximum Truck Clearance :4.8 m
Shipping Length - base machine :5.33 m
Shipping Maximum Height :3.1 m
Shipping Width :2.5 m
Shipping Length - with conveyor folded :8.5 m

Rotor Assembly
Cutting Width :1000.0 mm
Maximum Cutting Depth :305.0 mm
Number of Cutting Tools :97

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity :400.0 L
Water Spray System :1060.0 L

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