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name:  Sumitomo HA60C-8B
ID:  HA60C-8B
category:  Paver
Specification:  HA60C-8B Crawler paver
notes:  HA60C-8B Crawler paver


Full Model
HA60W-8  HA60C-8  HA90C-2  HA60W-8B HA60C-8B  HA90C-2B

Paving Width     
Standard  :2.3~6.0m

Paving performance     
Paving thickness :10~300mm
Paving speed :1~20m/min
Hopper capacity :13ton
Center crown ratio :-1~3

Operating weight :14760kg
Overall length :6620mm
Overall width :2,490mm
Overall height (with canopy) :2740mm
Transportation height (with canopy) :2740mm
Tumbler distance :2615mm
Crawler width :284mm

Conveyor system     
Type of driving method :Hydraulic (individual left & right)
Width × No. of line :482 × 2mm
Rotating speed :0~15.9m/min

Auger system     
Auger dimensions :330 dia. × 300 pitchmm
Rotating speed :0~82min-1

Screed system     
Model :J.Paver 2360
Heating system :LPG blower burner / Electric (option)

Drive system     
Type :Crawler ( track )
Drive motor : HST
Brake type :Automatic brake
Traveling speed(Forward / Backward) :0~3 / 0~3km/h

Make&Model :ISUZU 4JJ1X
Displacement :2999cc
Rated output :92.1 / 2,200kW/min-1
Fuel tank capacity :140L
Electric system :24V

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